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African Bank Personal Loans

African Bank has been in the news the last year or so and seem to have gone through allot of changes, but seem to be back online and offering loans to their consumers.

Find out more about Wonga Loans:

Find out more about Wonga Loans:

. Their very user friendly website offering anyone going onto their website, the opportunity to get all the information they require to apply online.

Their loan offering varies from personal loans from R500 - R150 000 and the repayment terms varies from 3 to 60 months.

This caters for allot of users since allot of people need a small cash loans and other need larger loans to maybe do renovations or need funds urgently for the expense that was not budgeted for. Never the less, the cater for all the consumers and that is why we believe that African Bank is great resource to go to if you do require a personal loan.

Another great feature about them is that the repayment instalments are fixed, so you do not need to worry about any surprises when it comes to your repayment amount monthly.

This is a great feature, since people take out a loan and then budget for that monthly for the next couple of months till repayment has been done and to have an exact amount, give the peace of mind that you are able to repay the amount monthly and not go into debt due to increased instalments.

They also have a customer care line that you can phone to easily reach them and to follow up on your loan application or to find out more about the loan offerings. This is great since you know that you are able to contact them anytime with questions that you might have or get feedback regarding an issue related to your personal loan.

Be sure to check back soon, since we will be following them closely and providing you with all the latest news and developments. We always strive to give you an honest overview of any loan company and please remember to contact them for any additional information.

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