Wonga in 2014/2015

We have been following Wonga very closely over the last year and have been providing our followers with informative news and related articles regarding Wonga Loans in South Africa. Wonga has been offering South Africans with small little loans up to R2500 and we can’t wait to see they have on offer for 2014/2015.

APPLY ONLINE – You can apply with Wonga by clicking here.

One thing that we can see is that the South African market has responded tremendously to their service offering and with that in mind, we are sure they will be looking and new and additional features. We can’t wait to see what Wonga will offer us in 2014/2015 as they continue to pour effort into the South African market and achieving tremendous results.

Wonga South Africa Reviewed

We are going to be looking at Wonga in greater detail over the coming months and be sure to check back regularly for new and exciting updates.

Wonga has had tremendous growth in South Africa and more and more people seem to be applying for loans with them online. We decided to look in a bit more detail at Wonga, to find out why people love them so much and continue to apply for instant loans with them.

Wonga offers a great user friendly, interactive website whereby you can select them amount you want by using a slider on the website. This slider goes up to R2500 for first time users. The second slider displays the time period and when repayment will be done. The longer you select, the higher the interest. This in itself provides transparency for anyone looking for loan.

If you are looking for a loan, be sure to apply through Wonga. It is not only their amazing website that is impressive, but the service and account facilities are just as impressive.

How to Contact Wonga

We have had quite allot of requests from our followers that they need to the contact details for Wonga in South Africa, to contact them regarding their loan or issues related to logging into their account or related.

So herewith the contact details for Wonga (South Africa); Please find their contact number and email and addresses below:

Email: za.customercare@wonga.com or za.collections@wonga.com | Phone: 0861 WONGA 1 (0861 966421)

Wonga – How it works?

How does Wonga application process work? This question has been posted to us quite a few times and we are going to provide you with an overview on how the application process works.

All you need to do is to go to wonga.com, which is the first step.  Then you can use the sliders to determine how much you want to borrow and for how long. By adjusting both sliders you see that the repayment amount will change, due to the shifting of the sliders.

The amazing user friendly website of Wonga makes this possible, so that people can see exactly how much they need to repay before they start the application process. Once you have decided how much you want and you are happy with the repayment amount, you can continue with the application process.

Here you need to enter all your personal details they require and remember o be as accurate as possible. Once you have completed the process and you are approved, Wonga will deposit the cash in your account very quickly. It is very difficult to determine the actual time, but the process is from getting approved to getting the cash is usually very fast.

You will then be able to login into your account and view your balance etc and remember that you can contact Wonga with any related queries to your account.

How to get a Cash loan from Wonga?

Wonga has been the frontrunner in terms of cash loans in South Africa. They offer cash loans of up to R2500 for people looking for an instant loan and the application process can be completed with within minutes. Best of all you can have the cash in your account very quickly.

Wonga has brought this instant solution to loans to South Africa and they have been growing tremendously over the last year. People just seem to love how they offer loans and op top of that the service they provide.

More and more people seem to looking for cash loans and the best option by far in our opinion is Wonga. The provide a fantastic website, whereby you can choose the amount you need as well as the repayment date and with that, they tell you immediately what the repayment amount will be on your loan. This transparency is what makes them truly unique and we can urge you to et a loan from Wonga if you are looking for a cash loan.

Where to get the best Payday loan?

The question of where to get the best Payday loan has been asked quite a bit and we decided to give you the straight answer.  There is only one company you need to look at when looking for payday loan and that is Wonga.

Wonga offers people the flexible option to determine what hey want to repay the payday loan and you can choose anything up to 58 days. Wonga offer payday loans up to R2500 for first time users and R8000 for existing customers. If you are looking for a cash loan be sure to look at Wonga.

How to Apply for a Loan Online?

So what does this headline actually mean? Well if you look at smartphones and tablets, the way business are moving toward everything online, it’s only logical that loan applications would be moving in the same direction.

Currently with about 10 million smartphones in South Africa, the need for online loans is just getting bigger and bigger and the companies that have realised it will reap the rewards going forward.

The biggest factor that plays a crucial role in online loan application is for the user to apply easy and without hassle online. This can be through a smartphone, tablet or desktop pc, but the fact remains that people do not want to go into a shop and stand in line, but rather sit on their couch and apply for a loan.

Looking at Loan companies, there are only a few that have truly embraced the online platform and one of these is Wonga. They have got a great mobi and desktop site and this enables anyone to apply online easily for a loan. They have sliders that people can use to determine how much they want to borrow as well as the repayment date. Be sure to look at them when looking for a online loan.