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Woolworths Personal Loans

Woolworths have always been one of our preferred suppliers for clothes, food and we recently discovered that they also offered personal loans, so we decided to investigate in closer detail and please find all the information below regarding their loan offerings.

Find out more about Wonga Loans:

Find out more about Wonga Loans:

Woolworth's financial services offer loans with easy to repay terms that can be up to 60 months. One of the greatest features we discovered was the fact that any customer can settle their accounts early without any penalties.

This feature makes it a very attractive option since if you do have extra funds available and want to settle your account; you can do so and don't have to worry about paying additional penalties.

Woolworths offers heir loan within a 48 rating, which basically stipulates that once you are approved for your loan, you will receive your money within 48 hours.

This is great since people can the work on that timeline and arrange accordingly on their side.

Once you decide that you are ready to apply for a personal loan with them, you can simply click on the link and complete the online application form. The form can be completed in about 15 minutes and requires you to enter as much information as possible in order for them to make an accurate assessment on your loan application.

If you are granted a loan and do require additional funds, you can also contact them to discuss your options and if you are liable for additional funds.

We can truly recommend Woolworths to anyone looking for a personal loan and you always have the peace of mind that can contact them very easily online via their customer care line or email them directly.

We will be following the closely in the coming months, so be sure to be on the lookout for all the latest news and reviews as well as special offers that we might pick up on.

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