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Same Day Loans

We have been looking same day loans the last couple of weeks and want to provide our loyal readers with a summary of what we found in terms of same day loan offerings in South Africa.

Find out more about Wonga Loans:

Find out more about Wonga Loans:

These days there are quite a few companies offering this service and we can only recommend two that we found to have exceptional service standards as well as loan offerings.

The two companies we are going to be looking at in detail are Wonga and Get Bucks. These two are currently the biggest same day loan providers in South Africa and continue to grow monthly and we salute them both for their service level and product offerings.

First of all, let take a closer look at Wonga and we can surely tell you that this international company have made allot of strides and continue to perform at peak level worldwide.

They offer loans to the value of R2500 for first time lenders and R8000 for existing customers and people can apply online via their very user friendly website and once approved, the money is transferred to the specified account relatively quickly. They have sliders on the website that you can use to determine what amount you want to borrow and what the total repayment will be within the date specified.

This enables any user to quickly determine if they will be able to afford the loan on the repayment date and terms specified.

The second company we are going to be looking at is Get Bucks and they have grown tremendously over the last year in South Africa. They not only have a very user friendly website, but also have an app that you download via the app store, which makes it easy for anyone to apply for an additional loan later on with them, once your account is setup and your application is approved.

This unique feature enables users to easily apply for a loan and get feedback very quickly regarding their online application.

As more and more companies grow and evolve to include these types of same day loans, the industry will grow and we will be right there to give you all the latest news and reviews related to loan offerings in South Africa.

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